Aircraft Insurance

Aviation insurance is insurance which is designed specifically to meet the needs of aviators. There are a number of different types of insurances available for a variety of aircrafts and pilots. Laws about aviation insurance tend to be less clearly defined than those regarding car insurance, which can make it difficult to choose the right policy and carrier. This is where SIG can help…
aircraft-insuranceWhen you Contact Us here at SIG about aircraft insurance, you know you’ll get the right coverage at the right price. We work only with A-rated aviation insurance underwriters so that we can offer the most coverage options to fit your unique needs for the aircraft you own or rent.

Just as with insurance for other types of vehicles, there are a number of levels of coverage in aviation insurance policies, including:

  • liability coverage for accidents when the policyholder is at fault
  • theft and loss coverage
  • life insurance riders
  • and insurance for other types of situations, such as loss of cargo.

The more services requested on a policy, the more expensive it will be. Coverage also varies depending on the type of craft: helicopters, sport planes, commercial airliners, and so forth are all covered differently.

Whether you need Owners, Renters, or CFI aviation coverage, SIG will provide you with the best advice on aviation insurance, as well as a quick, easy, no-obligation way to get quotes on policies from multiple A-rated underwriters. And once you have the coverage you need, SIG will deliver the outstanding personal service you deserve, year after year.

By knowing all the aspects of your individual aviation operations on a personal level, we believe this enables us to provide you with a higher level of quality and aviation insurance service.

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