Antique Insurance

For antique collectors, getting their valuables insured is recommended and necessary. There are many insurance options to investigate to ensure maximum coverage, and this is where SIG can help!

Insuring valuable antiques, artwork and more can be problematic even if the value is only a few hundred dollars, let alone tens of thousands of dollars or more. Whether an entire collection or an individual item, our experienced team at SIG can provide the specialized coverage your investment deserves.
antique-insuranceOne or two pieces of antique furniture will make little difference to a homeowner’s insurance policy, but a large collection of antique art, antique furniture, and heirloom and estate jewelry will need to be noted with special insurance. The precious antiques the homeowner has spent years amassing could not only be lost, but with inadequate insurance, the homeowner’s financial investment could be gone in a puff of smoke. Antique insurance will protect the homeowner’s investment.

We subscribe to the same philosophy and apply it to our client relationships. There is more to insuring your fine art and antiques than price. There is value to our experience and we have carefully chosen our antique and art Insurance clients based on similar business practices.

Our unique group of clients benefit from “hands on” underwriting. All risks are visited personally and each package of coverage’s are designed to fit your specific needs. This means you don’t pay for excess coverage or mistakenly “assume” you are covered for that transit exposure that was discussed over the phone. We will design a package tailored to your specific needs and in most cases improve your situation.

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