Individual Health Insurance

individual-health-insuranceAt SIG, we offer free individual health insurance quotes in all 50 states! We will allow you to make a more informed decision after utilizing all the resources we provide. We help you determine which type of individual health insurance plan is right for you, then we compare quotes and coverage’s for you!

Your healthcare needs and preferences will dictate the type of plan that is best for you and your family. There are a variety of health coverage types from which to choose, including PPO, HMO, Health Savings Accounts, and Indemnity plans. Researching the various types of coverage is a critical step before buying a policy to ensure you are getting what you need. And we can help!

A main thing to remember is that the flexibility of health plans increases as the cost of such plans increases. That means you pay more, but you have access to providers of your choosing, and are not as constrained to a list of doctors within your plan, in a specific geographic coverage location.

Likewise, as you cut costs, you tend to cut flexibility. In general, an HMO plan is least expensive, but it is also least flexible. A POS plan is moderately expensive, and also moderately flexible. A PPO plan is more expensive, and more flexible. Whether you need short term health insurance, high deductible health insurance, an HSA for your family, or a dental plan, our friendly and knowledgeable product advisors can guide you through your choices. Whether you just need it for yourself as an individual health insurance plan or for the whole family as family insurance plan, we can help. We even have plans available for those looking for international health insurance coverage.

Our goal for every customer is to help them find an insurance plan at a price that fits their needs and their budget. Sometimes finding the plan with “the” low cost isn’t the best solution, it is finding quality health insurance at a competitive price. Because our primary focus is serving individuals and families, we understand the unique needs of people like you.

When you are considering purchasing individual health insurance, look to us here at SIG to locate you the best policy that fits your needs. There are a myriad of health insurance plans out there, and we pride ourselves in working directly with our customers to understand their needs. Contact Us or Request A Quote and we will be in touch with you right away!