Musical Instrument Insurance

SIG develops unique insurance policies specifically designed for the owners of musical instruments and recording equipment. We offer a wide selection of musical instrument coverage including Harps, Violins, Cellos, Double Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, most String Instruments, woodwinds, brass instruments, percussion instruments, Jazz Instruments, and many more instruments with our Freelance coverage.


We also offer coverage for Students on a career path to a music career. We even coordinate coverage for entire Orchestras. Our musical instrument insurance policies have been specially designed with the music world in mind. SIG’s’ specialized musical instruments coverage offers extensive protection and comes with the appreciation of the need for timely replacement or repair as standard.

We offer all types of music equipment coverage/insurance for:

  • Musicians
  • Retailers
  • Music Teachers
  • Orchestras
  • Bands
  • Instrument Repairers
  • DJs
  • Musical Societies
  • Young Musicians

We offer flexible and cost-effective insurance products for all types of musical instruments.

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